A Proactive strategy for impacts at scale

We work to identify where legal interventions can have the most powerful impacts on biodiversity conservation within Southern African and collaborate with partners to take required action. Our intention is to prioritize interventions that will have impacts at scale using responses that are both reactive and proactive.

Theory of change

To achieve its vision of flourishing indigenous species and ecosystems that support sustainable livelihoods in Southern Africa, the Centre seeks to target law, policy and the institutions that formulate and implement these laws and policies. It aims to do this by influencing the design of law and policy, so that law and policy prioritise the preservation and restoration of indigenous ecosystems and species, influencing decision-making to do the same, and collaborating with civil society organisations, communities and other stakeholders.

Theory of Change


Legal advice and support

to communities to assist them to protect and restore the ecosystems in which they live.

Regulatory Support

support the strengthening of national and regional regulatory frameworks.


with communities, organisations and other stakeholders.

Transboundary biodiversity

addressing regional issues that cannot be adequately addressed at a national level.

Strategic litigation

to protect and restore ecosystems of Southern Africa.